7 Reasons to select the Outlook for your Business Growth rather than Gmail

Over the past two decades email communication progressed way far with worldwide internet user’s upped with a figure of 3 Billion on the fly. MS Outlook from Microsoft and Gmail from Google are two most popular email applications that is feature rich with indispensable functionality. So how can we decide which email client is better suited to our business needs? I have worked professionally and personally on both these email apps, so I will highlight few areas that make Outlook preferable overpowering Gmail when you are mainly focused on your business growth.

7 Reasons to select the Outlook for your Business Growth rather than Gmail

Offline Email Access

Internet and online are two parallel terms that value more when you are having email communication, can we work offline with Outlook  and manage our mailbox items effectively? People using Outlook email application both at personal or enterprise level would find it phenomenon to work offline when they have no internet connection and they can access email offline. As Outlook email client provides complete offline access without any barrier on the other hand Gmail is dependent on using Google Chrome browser to access their email offline.

Offline email access

High Storage Capacity

Most of the time we have to send or receive our email message with attachment files containing embedded images that may increase the size of the attachment. Large size files attachment is depended on the storage capacity of the email. Here we don’t have to compromise on the storage space in Outlook as we are blessed with sufficient amount of storage so that you can easily attach a file of up to 100 MB to any email. This is not the same with Gmail where your attachments are limited to using 25 MB of size.

High storage capacity

Better Email Experience

Outlook mail is a part of MS Office software suites that gives user a familiar email environment leveraging on the MS office components. When you are on Outlook client you can incorporate MS Office functionality by inserting MS Word editing and apply formatting tools from MS Excel spreadsheets into email, or send email with priority criteria based on high, medium or low importance. Gmail offers you limited options to drag and drop attachments, categorize and sort email. The Outlook interface also comes packed with ‘Sweep’, a feature which can automatically delete or file numerous emails at the click of the mouse. One thing that keeps Outlook email client at par with Gmail as the Outlook is completely free of AD on the other hand Gmail is chock-a-block with Ad emails in the Spam folder.

Recovery of Email Messages 

When we are on Gmail we organize our inbox by deleting unused mails that are moved in the trash folder where they remain for a limited time period of 90 days. Automatically trash box delete them and you have the chance of losing your mails permanently. But Outlook has a fairer chance to surprise its users with an inbuilt feature that empower the user to recover the deleted emails even after it has been deleted from “Deleted” box. Email recovery options available in MS Outlook give it additional advantage over Gmail.

email recovery

Making Best Use of Contacts

For professionals users Outlook email comes packed with useful feature that enable them to view the information in the organization related to team work and sharing up to minute details via company address book. User can even import their contacts from social media platform such as LinkedIn and Facebook as the Outlook incorporates Skype Chat feature which makes it feasible for you to send instant messages to contacts from Skype, other Outlook contacts or even to Google and Facebook contacts. Also, you can easily convert your Outlook data files from one format to another. There are many tools through which you can move data such as OST to PST Converter, EML to PST Converter, OLM to PST Converter, NSF to PST Converter, MSG to EML, and many more. Talking about Gmail, it does not support much social integration just allows chat feature with Google talk.

managing contacts

Managing Calendar

On Gmail, you can create an event, while in Outlook you create meeting or an appointment. All the professional people can effectively manage calendar feature to coordinate in group that involves plan meetings, group schedules and even sent and receive instant messages to contacts meeting invitations while making changes to meeting easily. While Gmail calendar allows you to program email reminders whereas you can program your week long reminders in Outlook with benefits to drag and drop emails directly from your email to your calendar.

Filter Emails By Size

How many you better options you have to filter your email by size? Outlook can be superior with features like short the emails by their sizes. This sounds good when you are inundated with miscellaneous emails and you are finding the specific large size email with sizable attachment. This is one of the best features in Outlook which are not available in Gmail.

filtering of emails according to file size

Conclusion: As the user is flabbergasted with all the goodies associated with both Gmail and Outlook email app, it’s sure that Outlook comes out to be the preferred email platform for business needs considering all the above reasons.


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