What are the Main Causes of Data Corruption? [Infographics]

Error and bugs are very common issues in the computer system.  Data corruption is one of the error generally user find in the system.  Data Corruption is an intentionally or unintentionally changes in the data files.


Causes of Data Corruption:

Improper Shutdowns: This is caused by power loss, page faults, fatal exception errors, pressing or holding the power button, etc.

Software Confliction: This is caused by the confliction of different software such as terminate and stay resident applications, antivirus, screen saver, etc. with Visual FoxPro.

Hardware Failure: This is caused by the hardware malfunctions such as hard drive failures, bad RAM, etc.

Faulty Network Components: It is caused by the defect in the network components such as hubs, switches, network drivers, network interface cards, cabling, etc.

 Data Storage: It is caused by read / write failure in the data storage.

Network Settings and Service Packs: It is caused by the old version of service packs and faulty client settings.

Virus or Malware Attacks: It is caused by the unauthorized software downloads.

File Locking Issues: It is caused, when two different users attempt to open the same file at a same time.

Natural Disasters: It is caused by fires, floods, earthquakes, etc.


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