10 Points That Will Help You to Prevent System from a Data Loss [Infographic]

Data corruption or data loss is a serious problem in any system or file or folder. There are many reasons due to which the system data corrupted such as human fault, hardware or software issues. In my past blog, I’ve shared some important points which cause data corruption. Backup is the best way to prevent any kind of data loss, but what are the other important techniques which help you to prevent your data. Data Loss Prevention is process to prevent and keep the data safe within the system.


  1. Regular Data Backups: Backup is an important technique to prevent data loss and helps to avoid expenses in data recovery.
  2. Use an Antivirus in the System: Antivirus is very important software in a system that helps user to protect system data from any kind of virus, malware or Trojan.
  3. Keep System Dry, Dust Free and Ventilated Area: Do not leave your system in wet or sunny place.
  4. Disk Maintenance: On regular bases clean up your temporary and unused files.
  5. Keep your System Battery Alive Always: A un-interrupt power supply is very important to prevent the data from any kind of data corruption or data loss.
  6. Do Not Move System while Performing Any Operation: Moving system when it is performing any operation may also cause a data loss. So, try to avoid moving a system while running.
  7. Regularly Troubleshoot the Application and System Issue: Always try to shot out an issue in the initial phase.
  8. Use Security Mechanism within the System to Protect the Data.
  9. Upgrade your Hardware Regularly: A healthy hardware may also help user to prevent the system from any kid of data loss.
  10. Avoid Over Tweak Your System

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