Top Most Effective and Important Manual Solutions to Split PST Files

Microsoft has many applications through which user can perform different tasks within a system. MS Outlook is an application of Microsoft which is used to store and share the data items from source to destination. MS outlook stores data in different file formats such as .pst, .ost, etc. Outlook PST file consists two main file formats i.e ANSI and UNICODE, where 2 GB size limit for ANSI PST file format and 20 GB for UNICODE file format (50 GB in case of MS Outlook 2010). Sometimes large or exceeding size of PST files may the huge reason of data loss. Hence, to make data error free and protect it from any type of data corruption or data loss, split the PST file into small size PST files. In this blog, I am focusing on the manual process to split PST file.

manual solution to split pst files

But, before that follow the below some important steps first.
  • Take a backup copy of PST files so that you will get your lost data easily.
  • Delete the items which are not necessary or useful for you.


Method 1: By using Import and Export

Step 1: Run MS Outlook application. Click on File -> Account Settings

Step 2: Here, you will see a new window that is Account Settings. Click Data Files and then Add.

Step 3: On Create or Open Outlook Data File box, give name and location to the new file. Click OK -> Close.

Step 4: Click on File -> Open -> Import and Import and Export wizard open. Here, select Export to a file option. Click on Next button.

Step 5: Choose PST file and click Next. Browse location to store new file and click Finish.

Step 6: Now, a new window open that is Create Outlook Data File. If you want to set a password then enter the password otherwise click Cancel.


Method 2: By using Archive

Note: First configure Outlook to archive based on the Received date rather than Modified date then apply below method.

Step 1: Run Microsoft Outlook and then open the Archive dialog box.

  • In Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013: Click on File -> Cleanup Tools -> Archive.
  • In Outlook 2007 or previous: Click on File -> Archive.

Step 2: Once the Archive dialog box open, then mark Archive this folder and subfolders.

Step 3: Select the folder which you want to move, but it’s better to select the top level to archive entire mailboxes.  You can also select the items older than a particular duration by choosing Archive items older than.
Note: Check the option Do not AutoArchive, check if it is unchecked.

Step 4: Enter new name and location for new PST files. Click OK.


Method 3: By using Move to Folder

Step 1: Open MS Outlook and click on File -> New -> Outlook Data File.

Step 2: Select Office Outlook Personal Folder File (.pst) on New Outlook Data File and click on OK button.

Step 3: A new dialog box will open named as Create Microsoft Personal Folder and give a new name to PST file. This name is used by Outlook in the Mail Folders List.

Step 4: Click Edit menu -> Move to Folder and in Move items and click on New button.

Step 5: Now, specify a name to new PST file in the Create New Folder dialog box and choose new PST file under Select where to place the folder and click OK.

Step 6: Select new folder to new PST file within Move items and click on OK button.


Some Important Methods to Decrease the PST Files:

Method 1: Delete unused PST files:

It’s a good strategy to delete the unwanted or unused PST files on regular bases. It is not only helps you to increase the free space in Outlook, but also save your time to split the PST files.

Method 2: By compacting PST files:

Step 1: Right click on PST file which you want to compact and choose Data File Properties.

Step 2: A new tab box open i.e Outlook Data File. Click Advanced -> Compact Now.
Note: Do not interrupt the process if it will take a long time because depending on the PST file size, compaction process will take place.

If the above methods not resolved your problem, then you can use any third party PST splitter tool to split large size PST file. Sometimes these manual solutions may increase your time and data loss risk so if you don’t want to lose the data then use such online available tool. Check below video on the working process of the PST Splitter Tool. This tool is very quick and efficient solution to split PST file.


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