Step by Step Manual Guide to Convert Files From MBOX to PST

MBOX is a file format used by a web based client i.e Thunderbird, Apple mail, Mozilla mail, etc. to store the mailbox items. It uses POP3, SMTP, IMAP protocols to preserve the email services. Also, it is used to maintain the newsgroups, RSS feed, etc. PST (personal storage table) is a file format which is used to store data in Microsoft Outlook. Users find a regular improvement & advancement in MS Outlook and due to which the number of users are also increased there. Many users find MS Outlook better than Thunderbird and hence wanted to switch to that. Check out the here the main reason of MBOX to PST conversion and manual process to convert the files from MBOX to PST.

mbox to pst conversion

Main reason to migrate from Thunderbird MBOX to PST:

  • Anti-spam function will help users to prevent from unnecessary emails, while Thunderbird is fail to filter the spam mails.
  • Full password protection for encoding emails and other mail items in process to protect data from spammers and hackers.
  • Inbuilt calendaring feature to make notes, maintain tasks, calendaring, etc. whereas in Thunderbird, user needs to add the third party extension.
  • Language support, MS outlook support 96 languages whereas Thunderbird support 53 only.
  • Compatibility with MS Exchange Server or MAPI, MS Exchange is very important to maintain the mail items offline.


Method 1: Learn how to move mailbox data in Apple Mail:

Step 1: Download and run Apple Mail on your system.

Step 2: Click File -> Import Mailboxes.

apple mail mbox to pst 2

Step 3: Choose the file(s) from where you want to import data. Here, you need to select the option File in MBOX format and click Continue.

apple mail mbox to pst 3

Step 4: Browse the location where you have saved the MBOX files. Here, select the MBOX file which you want to import and click Choose to select the item(s) to import. Click Continue for further process.

Step 5: Click Done when the process completed. Check all the imported mailbox data in the Import section of Apple Mail.

apple mail mbox to pst 5

You cannot convert MBOX files directly into Outlook so here you have to put some extra efforts to convert the files. First, use Eudora to create the mailbox then use Outlook Express to import the mailboxes and at the end import all mailboxes into MS Outlook from Outlook Express. If Eudora is not installed on your system then first install it. Then follow the below steps on Eudora.

  1. Create mailbox using Eudora

Step 1: Append the MBOX file extension with imported data file. Rename file name “ABC” into “ABC.mbx”.

Step 2: Move renamed file i.e “ABC.mbx”, into a directory in which Eudora stores its files. (C:Documents and Settings<user>Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora).

Step 3:  Open Eudora and then double click on “ABC.mbx” file to finalize the file creation and close the Eudora. 

  1. Import mailbox using Outlook Express:

Step 1: Launch Outlook Express if not installed. Then, go to File -> Import -> Messages.

Step 2: Choose Eudora from the list and click Next.

Step 3: Browse location where you’ve stored the “ABC.mbx” file and click OK.

Step 4: Click Next, then Next again and Finish. Find the imported mailbox in the Local Folders section of Outlook Express. 

  1. Import mailbox from Outlook Express to MS Outlook

Step 1: First open MS Outlook and click on File -> Open.

Step 2: Click Import section to visit on Import and Export Wizard.

Step 3:  From the list select the Import Internet Mail and Addresses and click Next.

Step 4: Now, choose any of them i.e Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows Mail and then click on Next button.

Note: If Import Mail option is unchecked, then mark there check.

Step 5: Check the imported mailbox in MS Outlook. Here, is the location Outlook Today – [Personal Folders].


Method 2: This method is only applicable for MBOX to PST (MS Outlook 2007)

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook 2007 and go to File -> Import and Export to open the Import and Export Wizard.

Step 2: Click on Import from another program or file -> Next.

Step 3: Click on Personal Folders File (.pst) -> Next.

Step 4: Click on Browse option to locate or store the converted PST file and then, click Next -> Finish.


  • Manual process is time consuming.
  • If you have a large number of data then the manual process may cause problem.
  • Not suitable for non-technical users.

Hence, the manual process is important to convert the MBOX files into PST but it has some drawbacks as well. So to decrease the data loss risk and save your time there is another option to convert MBOX files. MBOX to PST Converter is an automatic tool which gives you a best result of conversion without any data loss. This tool is a perfect solution to convert MBOX/MBX file of Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Entourage, Eudora, Pocomail, Netscape , Sylpheed, Spicebird, Opera Mail, SeaMonkey, Mulberry, etc.

Watch the online demo of this software below and visit website to download the free demo version of MBOX to PST Converter.


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