Windows Data Recovery

How to Perform Windows Data Recovery?

I have been using computer for many years, I think more than 10. I better understand the importance of my invaluable data. I’ve really worked hard to collecting them, and I’m still doing same. Being a computer user, I’m quite aware of some harsh but true facts. The most painful situation for any computer user is losing invaluable data forever which include old memories, crucial documents, importance office files, and so many things. Data loss can surely bring tears to your eyes as you may lose all your invaluable data forever. In this blog post, we’ll discuss more about data loss, its reasons and how to overcome this situation by using Data Recovery Software.


Common Reasons of Data Loss 

The two most common reasons of data loss are accidental deletion and data corruption.

Accidental Deletion

Accidental deletion can be said a mistake done by human. It’s just a way of removing a file from a computer’s file system. Files are generally deleted one by one from the system, or sometimes a whole directory may be deleted. Sometimes what happens you delete some of the files from the system which later prove to be important. If you use temporary deleted function of Windows, the deleted files go the Recycle Bin. You can easily restore them backup. But if you use permanent delete function, i.e. using Shift + Delete keys, there’s no way to restore your files. Accidental deletion also includes formatting of volumes and drives which will simple erase everything. Once a volume/drive is formatted, there’s nothing left in it.

Data Corruption

Another common reason of data loss in Windows system is corruption which is an inevitable occurrence. There are numerous reasons by which data corruption can take place and lead to data loss. Whatever the reason is, corruption can be either detected or undetected. The most common are listed below:

  • Virus attack: There’s no computer file immune to virus attack. Even virus can damage your whole computer system. It can delete some part of the file, and lead to corruption as well. Sometimes virus can corrupt system registry which is very harmful for a computer system.
  • Abruptly system shutdown: If you turn off your system abruptly or it goes off suddenly due to power failure, this may cause serious damage to your system as well as data stored in it. When you restart the system after this unwanted event, you may face corruption.
  • Hardware/software malfunction: Everything in computer, be it a hardware device or software application, is prone to severe issues and problems. Any malfunction in hardware or software may lead to corruption.
  • Hard disk failure: Hard disk failure means a hard disk fails to work, hence the stored information can’t be accessed. Logical failure and physical failure are the two main causes behind hard disk failure.
  • Human errors: Human errors refer to the mistakes done by human which include deleting or modifying system files, performing malicious activities and routine degradation, etc.

Importance of Backup 

backup-safeAlways remember that backup is a true life-saver for you at the time of data loss due to accidental deletion or corruption. If you’re having a valid backup file (make sure it’s not corrupt), you can successfully restore your data from it. How? A backup file can contain all your data as form of duplicate copies which can be restored at anytime without any trouble. If you’ve deleted some of your files, formatted the volume/drive, and/or lost data due to corruption, a backup file can save your invaluable data. I strongly recommend backup job to each and every single computer user, so that data loss situation can easily be avoided. Make sure you update your backup file regularly, so that you can restore maximum possible data from it. One more thing, instead of storing backup file on local system, you should keep it on an external hard disk or any other storage media.

In case of data loss in Windows system, you can take help of a backup file to restore almost everything from it. But if you don’t have any backup file or if the backup is corrupt, data recovery becomes more difficult than before.

Importance of Windows Data Recovery Software 

The importance of anything can only be realized when you actually need it. You’ve lost your invaluable data, and unluckily you don’t have any backup file. This is the most frustrating situation for any computer user. If you’re really pulling your hair out, just stop it! There’s something like a boon for you, and it’s Windows Data Recovery software. It doesn’t require anything, but a hard disk of your system containing corrupt/damaged and/or formatted volumes. No matter how you’ve lost your data, i.e. due to accidental deletion, formatting or corruption, this software is smart enough to provide you excellent data recovery results in the shortest possible time. Via this software, you can recover almost everything from your hard disk drive used on Windows system.

What are you getting in this amazing solution? 
  • The very important feature of this software is its availability with demo version for free evaluation.
  • It supports both popular Windows file systems: FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64 aka exFAT) and NTFS.
  • Also, it supports both popular partition table formats: GPT GUID partition table and MBR master boot record.
  • Multiple modes for scanning corrupt/damaged and/or formatted hard disk and recovering data from it.
  • Windows data recovery can also be performed in RAW recovery mode in which you can add new signatures as well.
  • It supports all popular Windows operating systems, including the latest Win 10 (both 32 & 64-bit).

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